There are also wonderful efforts being made by entrepreneurs such as Dr. Hana
Ayala, whose IQ Resorts endeavor is being founded on the principles of tourism
for conservation through scientific research.  In a nutshell, she strives to “inspire
a new generation of luxury resorts as spas for the mind and as gateways into journeys of wonder that string and guard heritage marvels along the frontiers
of scientific exploration.”

Jeff Weinstein
Editor In Chief, Hotels Magazine

In: “New Soul of the Hotel Industry?” Hotels, December 2006 (p. 7).

The Washington opening of “IQ Resorts” was attended by about 50 specially selected invitees including ambassadors, executives of academic institutions, and business leaders from the USA, UK, Germany, Panama, Fiji, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, among others. The IQ Resorts, which is one of the latest of Pangea’s endeavors, was first announced by Dr. Ayala at the Headquarters of AAAS in Washington DC in March 2006. “The emphasis is on presenting the IQ Resorts endeavor as a catalyst and engine of new, long-term creative linkages between the corporate world and the world of science and conservation.”

Lee Yuen Lew, North American Representative
IOSTE (International Organization for Science and Technology Education)

(in: “Pangea World: Combining Tourism, Science, and Environmental Education.”
IOSTE Newsletter, July 2007, pp. 6-10)

The partnership between the UNESCO Office for the Pacific States and Pangea
World seeks to employ Pangea’s tool of the “Hospitality-Science Alliance” as a
strategic and investment framework for interlinking and accelerating the pursuits
of the region’s development needs and conservation priorities…

Dr. Visesio Pongi
Former Director, UNESCO Office for the Pacific States

Excerpt from Dr. Pongi’s address at the West Coast Headquarters of the United States National Academies of Sciences and Engineering on 15 April 2009.

…the vision is breathtaking: a global network of stunning wild habitats and rich native cultures, linked by hubs of science and tourism—and all of it humming along as a profitable business enterprise…broadening understanding of the natural world and jump-starting a global “knowledge economy”.

Pat Brennan, Environment Editor
Orange County Register

(in: “Ecological Riches, Economic Engines: Linking Tourism and Science.”
Orange County Register, 11 May 2009)

Pangea World…has been formed to develop a new business model designed
to enhance the prosperity of its host countries, facilitate the discovery of new
and transformational knowledge, and protect the legacy that will benefit
its investors and humanity.

Douglas K. Freeman, J.D., LL.M.
Senior Managing Director, First Foundation Advisors
Director, First Foundation Inc. and First Foundation Bank

Speaking at Pangea World’s press conference on Bridges to Noble Wealth: Empowering
Panama and the Pacific Region to Champion Transnational Trade Routes for Earth’s
Sustainable Future.
Miramar InterContinental Panama, 20 January 2012.

Michael Clegg, the Donald Bren Professor of Biological Sciences at UC Irvine and foreign secretary of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, underscored the importance of the Pangea World concept as a model for sustainability. “In order to improve the quality of human life in the face of increasing demands on our earth’s resources, we must develop scientific approaches to problems of sustainability,” Clegg said. “Pangea World’s vision embodies strategic synergies linking the creation and utilization of scientific knowledge to a business model firmly grounded in
legacy investment opportunities.”

(excerpt from the University of California Irvine news release, “Pangea World unveils transnational model for science research and conservation. Nascent partnership could position UC Irvine as leader in science diplomacy.” 11 February 2014)

IQ RESORTS® is more than a brand. IQ RESORTS® aspires to set new standards of purpose and sophistication in world travel that extends the notion of luxury to a provision of a striking new intellectual dimension and, in the process, to:

  • Change the economic outlook for heritage-affluent countries along paths paved by tectonic activity, evolution, and other forces that have distributed the natural capital across geographies;
  • Champion daring cross-national science and conservation initiatives in a pragmatically effective and economically sustainable fashion; and
  • Inspire economically-savvy science and conservation collaborations among nations, corporations, and institutions not yet perceived as strategic partners in the current scenarios of international trade.

The IQ RESORTS® journey’s ultimate goal is to validate PANGEA WORLD’s assertion that:

“Tourism economy” and “knowledge economy”—treated as two different scenarios of economic development thus far—can be combined to yield a major new economic model, one that will become an engine of sustainable prosperity and environmental benefits throughout the world.