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ANGEA WORLD projects span multiple locations and multiple countries.  Each and every IQ RESORTS® Master Plan will reflect the fact that major untapped opportunities for advancing scientific knowledge of the natural world can only be accessed via research that transcends geographies and political boundaries. The future priorities and challenges for conservation hinge on linkages that do not respect boundaries. But field research in the academic world focuses largely on specific sites because of limited funding and logistical support.  Bringing science—and, through science, conservation—into the heart of a business model in which quality, competitiveness, and prestige grow along with the geographical footprint of the underwritten research is the core premise of the IQ RESORTS® Business Plan.

Guided by PANGEA WORLD as a Strategic Partner, each IQ RESORTS® project combines splendid realties with dazzling potentials to anchor a transnational research theme that unmasks the destination’s connectivity to larger realms of wonder. Each is an original and each is international, master-planned for maximum capacity to transform scientific discoveries into product quality and to channel business success into investments in advancing the frontiers of knowledge, with spill-over effects (environmental, social, economic) far beyond the walls of the destination. These dimensions—unparalleled in existing resort developments and defining the “Plus” ramification and premiums of the IQ RESORTS® master plan—transform each IQ RESORTS® project into a singular investment opportunity entailing a potent legacy dimension.

IQ RESORTS® investors are “legacy investors.” The IQ RESORTS® legacy is not predicated on charitable donations. It is an integral component of the return on a legacy investment in a business enterprise. It is built to retain its capacity to grow in magnitude while fomenting the expansion, worth, and stature of the involved estate and business venture—for future generations of the legacy investor’s family or company. It can be directly enjoyed by the legacy investor, shared with others, and savored and appreciated for the difference it makes in the world. Its ongoing growth in value is assured by the project’s immersion in the IQ RESORTS® Portfolio.