There Are No National Frontiers To Learning.
- Japanese proverb

The IQ RESORTS® portfolio introduces an entirely new model of an investment portfolio, master-planned on a matrix of PANGEA®-exclusive “grand science themes” (“routes of knowledge”) that reveal novel and vital relationships among multiple heritage resources across geographies. The involvement of academic partners of the highest distinction serves to ensure the rigor and prestige of these themes as new frontiers of international science—and as “signatures” of the IQ RESORTS® projects that invest in them. The knowledge routes precede, parallel, and radiate from the IQ RESORTS® projects, inviting and consolidating legacy-investment opportunities.

Named PANTHALASSA® after the primeval world ocean, this knowledge-route matrix provides the roots and the wings for the IQ RESORTS® endeavor. Anchored in—and animating—the PANTHALASSA® matrix, each member of the IQ RESORTS® team acquires an unparalleled capacity continuously to fortify and diversify its heritage-centered products. Each is guarantee intellectual feasts nurtured by multiple wonder hotspots precisely because of the emphasis PANGEA WORLD places on the exploration and optimization of the connections that will bond this wonder archipelago. The inspirational and educational values of these feasts soar as investment incentives while this groundbreaking research which bridges geographies progresses and is translated into conservation and sustainable-development measures of international scope and influence—which, in turn, translate into mammoth legacies.

Benefits reaped by belonging to—and helping grow—the PANTHALASSA® matrix constitute another level of business, environmental, and social premiums unique to the IQ RESORTS® endeavor. PANTHALASSA® also embraces PANGEA WORLD’s offer to weave a nation’s or a region’s heritage riches into a value-added foundation on which to build a knowledge-savvy and highly sustainable tourism economy.